Friday, October 31, 2008

This is a Halloween childish fun scrapbook page! I made one similar to this awsome page!
This you can add polaroid pictures or kodak 4X6 and a polaroid picture.
this one is fun because it takes takes a while and than when its all done it looks spectactular!
Really cool! All you need is a pictures of funny characters(cartoons) or anything you can buy them simply at the dollar store. and a pack of Black photo corners insted of tape:P
Its cool and have fun and make the page!
This is a start off page basically a title page for your scrapbook! Well if you want one.
They are pretty neat becuase you can do almost anything with them! Their pretty sweet!
I made tons of them. THEY LOOK AWESOME! Now that Halloween is today! You can take pictures of grrroool things! This is a "Happy Birthday" start off page.
How and what you can do with this is start off with ribbon, scissors, tape that has designs on it almost like ribbon! and paste for your creative image! You can have any size or shape picture or you can easily make one! Like I said you can ANYTHING with it! It is fun just like Scrapbooking!
Keep updated! scrapbook!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Been missing in action lately

But did a new layout using my cricut, and my new graphically speaking cartridge!! I hope you girls like! I also used the threading water punch by fiskars, bazzil paper, and lots of stickles!!!! It is also on the creating keepsakes site!! I had to steal my own photo off of the site, since I accidentally deleted it off of my camera!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beeen away on holiday!

Just got home today! I apologize that I havent posted in forever...but I had a lovely holiday, took well over 500 pictures, and am now home to scrapbook them all! I learned how to heat emboss on cards while at a card workshop on holiday and love the look!
Hope you are all doing well, will post some layouts as I do them!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scrapbook it all!

I was thinking about why I scrapbook...I do it for my kids...I want them to remember their childhoods and the highlights of what happened to them when they were little.......and I want them to know who I am now....and how they have changed me and my life....and what my life was like before they were in my life....and sometimes part of that is the "bad" stuff in life. I believe it's important to scrapbook it all...the good, the bad, the don't be afraid to scrap those times...
Personally, I have done a few layouts that fit this....I want my children to know who I was....even the bad things....This is a layout about my eating disorder and what I went through....there is a letter to my children about what I was feeling and why I felt this way....people are often put off by the title of this layout but it's for my scrapbook and the legacy I'm going to pass along. I hope my children, especially my daughter can learn from my mistakes in life.