Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hello, I am sorry I haven't written or posted in a long while, it was only becuase of my internet,

and the weather connection we have been having lately.
Here are some of my collections and some from cousins and relatives!
1a.) First picture contains, my collection and data from previous months and trips!
All you want to start with is A box to put your stuff in so you do not loose it all.
A cover, comes in handy for other methods(when you get into serious scrapbooking)!\
A BOOK! It could be sticky or Heritage books: much like a traditional album, these "family tree" scrapbooks document a family history.
Historical Scrapbooks: These scrapbooks document an event or time period in history. These are great for individual, group, or class projects for students in Social Studies...they can even be used to team-teach English and Social Studies.Alphabetical (ABC Books or Alphabet Books): these books use the alphabet to document a trip to the zoo or pay tribute to a person's character from A to Z.Biographic/Autobiographic: These pages are wonderful opportunities for people to tell you about themselves or about people that are important to them. They can be about someone in your family, someone you admire, a historical figure or even that favorite "never-miss-one-of-his-films" movie stars.Journal Scrapbooks (Art Journals): To many people a 'scrapbook is a scrapbook' and a 'journal is a journal'...but for some people, a journal is a place where they collect not just words, but memorabilia.This is by no means a complete list off all of the different things that can be done between the covers of a scrapbook...these are just a sample of what you can do. Stretch your imagination and decide what you want to do in your book!
Theres one website that is also as helpful as this awsome blogg! Everyone has going on here.
Everyone is helpful and knows so much about scrapbooking!

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