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General Scrapbooking Terms

Even though you might know a lot about scrapbooking, you might stump over a term you hear or read.

Here is your perfect spot to look up that term that you've never heard before!

All terms are alphabetical so just scroll down until you find the letter and term your looking for!

If you don't see a term here that you would like, please let me know and I'll put 'er on up!


  • all about me
  • usually referring to an album about one's self
ABC Album
  • an album assembled using layouts representing each letter of the alphabet
  • a chemical substance with a ph of less than 7.0 that causes paper fibers to break down and crumble
  • found in various supplies used to organize photographs
  • causes photographs to deteriorate, discolour and become brittle
Acid Free
  • materials tested to have a ph level of 7.0 or above
  • all items used in memory books and scrapbooks should be acid

Acid Migration
  • transfer of acidity from acidic materials to another less acidic material through physical contact or acidic vapors
  • e.g. newspaper clippings cause discoloration where they are placed and on the items they touch
  • a de-acidification spray should be used on acidic papers or items should be photocopied on acid free paper
  • containing acid or with a ph level lower than 7.0
  • water soluble paint made from pigments and a plastic binder

  • a bonding agent used to affix two or more items together available in many different forms such as liquid, paste, gel, solid sticks, tabs
Adhesive Foam
  • adhesive pieces used to secure items to your page while adding dimension
  • Adobe Photoshop
    • software for editing photographs and graphics
    • acronym for acid free and linen free
    • a book used to store photographs, memories and scrapbook pages
    • opposite of acid added to materials containing acid to neutralize the acid having a ph level of 7.0 or higher
    Altered Book
    • collaging, stamping, embellishing or altering a found book to reflect an artistic idea
    Analogous Colors
    • colors that are next to each other on the colour wheel
    Archival Quality
    • indicates materials have undergone laboratory analysis to determine their acidic and buffered content are within safe levels for long term preservation of photos : assumes materials should be permanent, durable and chemically stable
    • industry has not agreed on a definition for archival quality, so variations exist for determining a products archival properties

    Art Stamping
    • process of creating artwork with rubber stamps
    • the little picture posted under your name in message boards and galleries


    • ornamentation with beads
    • enclose or fasten a book between covers
    • a feathery effect that occurs when too much ink or paint is absorbed by the paper
    Blending Pencil
    • tool used to blend colored pencils to create different shades of a color
    Bone Folder
    • flat piece of bone or plastic, round at one end, pointed at the other
    • used for scoring and folding paper;Border
    • the decorated margins of a scrapbook page
    Brag Book
    • small album used to show off pictures of a specific theme, usually children and grandchildren
    • process of adding an alkaline substance to material to make it acid free and protect the item from acid and environmental pollutants
    Buffered Paper
    • paper that has had a buffer (often calcium carbonate) added during manufacturing process to give it a ph level of more than 8.5, making it acid free


    • creating greeting cards
    • term for thick, sturdy papers available in a variety of weights
    • acronym
    • come as you are
    • technique used to enhance your pages, embellishments, die cuts with chalk
    Chemical Stability
    • having the ability to resist chemical degradation over time and/or upon exposure to light, pollutants and inferior storage
    CK OK
    • Creating Keepsakes Okay
    • scrapbooking seal of approval
    • items are considered safe to use in scrapbooking
    Coated Paper
    • paper with a finishing layer on one or both sides
    • an artistic composition made up of various materials (paper and found objects such as glued to a flat surface
    • a pigment or dye that is resistant to environmental exposure, such as light, acid, heat and other atmospheric conditions
    Color Wheel
    • shows color relationships and placement
    Complementary Color
    • each primary color (red, blue, yellow) has a complementary (opposite) color made by mixing the other two (red and green, for example)
    Corner Rounder
    • small trimmer that rounds the edges off of paper or photographs
    Corrugated Paper
    • thick, wavy cardstock
    • to trim unwanted parts of an image
    • altering the boundaries of a finished photograph by trimming or masking the photograph
    • can be done manually with scissors or paper cutter or using image editing software
    • a scrapbook party where people work on their scrapbooks, share layouts, brainstorm new ideas
    • party hosted by a scrapbook expert who shares techniques, products and information with the group
    • acronym
    • cardstock


    • process of removing acid from paper, materials to prevent deterioration
    De-acidification Spray
    • spray that neutralizes acid in newspaper clippings, certificates and other documents
    Decorative Ruler
    • ruler with a special edge for designing decorative borders on scrapbook pages
    Decorative Scissors
    • scissors with a decorative pattern for cutting
    • process of material breaking down from its current state to a deteriorated state e.g. yellowing of papers
    • acronym
    • darling or dear husband
    • paper designs cut from a die-cut machine
    • paper is placed in the die and pressure is applied to cut the image out
    Digital Image
    • an image composed of pixels or dots
    Double Mount
    • to place a photograph on two background papers
    • measures the resolution of an image
    • the more dots (or pixels) per inch, the sharper the image
    Dry Brushing
    • applying paint on a brush and then removing most of the ink before using the brush to apply the color
    • helps eliminate bleeding of colors
    Dry Embossing
    • produces a raised image by pushing the image up from the underside
    • soluble, colored substance that is added to materials for coloring purposes
    • dye colors are less stable over time than pigment colors


    • any scrapbooking extras such as stickers, die-cuts, metal pieces, wire, etc that enhance the pages
    • to create a raised surface by applying heat or pressure
    Embossing Gun
    • a heat tool that directs hot air to a precise area
    • forced heat melts embossing powder, creating a slightly raised surface for the design
    Embossing Powder
    • a fast melting powder that delivers rich colors and solid surface bonding
    • used to create a raised image on paper
    • a method of displaying three-dimensional memorabilia and protecting nearby items from acid contained in the memorabilia
    • printed matter of passing interest e.g. vintage postcards, stamps;Epoxy:two resins that when mixed together, harden to form a strong bond
    • a small metal ring designed to reinforce a hole
    • in scrapbooking, eyelets are used to rivet components to the page, for design purposes, or to feed ribbon and fiber through


    • a slender, elongated, threadlike object that provides substance or texture
    Fine and Chisel Pens
    • a pen with a fine tip is 0.5mm and a chisel tip is 6.0mm
    Focal Points
    • element of a design where lines converge
    • the eye is naturally drawn to the focal point in an image
    • different typefaces


    Gel Based Rollers
    • pens with pigment ink
    Gift Album
    • a compilation of photographs and mementos created with a person or event in mind


    Hand Tinting
    • process of applying colors with oils and dyes to the surface of a black and white photograph, giving it the appearance of a colored photograph
    • the title or caption that explains the theme of a layout
    Heat Gun
    • same as embossing gun
    • used to heat items for embossing
    • traditions passed down from generation to generation


    Idea Books
    • books featuring one aspect of scrapbooking such as a specific theme or product
    Ink Jet Printer
    • printers that spray ink onto a page
    • be careful – inks are not always waterproof or suitable for archival pieces
    • strength of a color based on how true it is to a primary color


    • text on a scrapbook page giving details of photographs
    • includes any words you write in your book or on the scrapbook page, from titles and captions to long descriptions, poem or stories
    • can be handwritten or printed on computer
    • thought to be the separating point between scrapbooks and photo albums



    • permanent bonding of two layers of plastic film to one or two sides of a flat item
    • grouping of pages in your scrapbook that go together, one page or more
    • arrangement of heading, journaling, and photographs together
    • term describing a material not affected or faded by sunlight, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
    • substance that binds wood fibers together, and contributes to breakdown of paper
    • paper with high levels of lignin are very acidic and therefore cause materials to become yellowish and brittle
    Lignin Free
    • paper product having a max of 1% lignin
    Liquid Adhesive
    • liquid adhesive is best for small items, diecut letters and embellishments


    Magnetic Albums
    • peel and stick albums where photos are placed on strips of adhesive on a backing card and then a page protector is used to cover the photo and uncovered adhesive
    • many of these albums are damaging to photos
    • not okay for scrapbooking
    • a technique used to get the effect of stamped images behind each other, in front of another
    Master Family Album
    • holds photographs of everyone in the family and family documents, typically in chronological order
    • surface has no glossy finish
    • process of creating a frame around pictures using cardstock and/or patterned paper
    • certificates, documents, and other items that tell a story
    • includes souvenirs, mementos, pictures, stamps, any item that remind you of an event or time
    Mixed Media
    • use of several media (paints, papers, rubber stamps, inks) to create a layout
    Monochromatic Color Scheme
    • employs different values of the same color
    • work of art incorporating photographs into a collage
    • technique where you cut small objects from paper or pictures and put them together to create a collage
    • to adhere a photograph, embellishment or other item to another piece of paper
    • a wood or plastic piece that forms the handle of a stamp
    Mounting Squares
    • small squares of double sided tape-like adhesive
    Mulberry Paper
    • paper made up of long fibers that look like feathery pieces
    Muted Colors
    • subdued tints or shades of colors that tend to be more suitable for backgrounds
    • a protective clear polyester covering for photos and album pages


    • process of making a solution ph neutral
    • an ink that does not spread from its original mark on the paper’s surface
    Non-Permanent Mounting
    • process of mounting an item to a page without adhering it permanently
    • acronym “non scrapbook related”


    • any surface that does not allow any light to pass through and therefore cannot be seen through


    Page Exchange
    • participants are invited to create a page to share with other scrapbookers
    • each person brings enough copies of an original page to trade with others
    Page Protectors
    • PVC free plastic sleeve or cover that displays and protects pages for preservation
    Page Toppers
    • phrases and/or images meant to be used as titles at the top of pages
    Paint Pens
    • pens with soft brush like tips
    • the amount of ink dispensed is controlled by the pressure that is applied to the tip
    Paper Crimper
    • tool used to corrugate paper or cardstock
    Paper Piecing
    • multiple layers of paper (die cuts or punches) put together to create an artistic design or image
    Paper Tearing
    • process of tearing paper instead of cutting so that the edges are rough looking
    Paper Trimmer
    • Paper cutting tool used for making square cuts and straight lines by placing paper against edge and moving down a blade
    • used for trimming paper and photographs
    Patterned Paper
    • paper with designs repeated on the entire page
    PH Level
    • measurement to tell how acidic or basic something is
    • scrapbookers want items with ph of 7 or higher
    PH Testing Pen
    • pen containing an indicator dye that when applied to a surface of a material discolours to show the surface’s ph level
    Photo Corners
    • small triangle pieces of plastic or cardstock with adhesive on the back for attaching photograph corners to a page
    • allows you to adhere a photo to a page without applying adhesive on photograph
    • non permanent method
    Photo Safe
    • term used by manufacturers to indicate their products are safe for use with photographs
    • not currently regulated
    Photo Tinting
    • method of applying color to a black and white photograph
    • a dry, powdery agent that possesses color
    • non water soluble substance
    • generally more stable than ink
    • short form for picture elements, which make up digital albums
    • the more pixels or dots per inch (dpi) the better the resolution
    • clear, inert, strong, long-lasting plastic used in preservation products
    • soft, chemically-stable plastic used in the manufacturing of preservation products
    • clear, flexible, chemically-stable plastic used in the manufacturing of preservation products including scrapbook page protectors
    Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
    • substance used in plastic pages of old magnetic photo albums that deteriorates and harms photographs over time
    • generally referred to as vinyl
    Post Bound Albums
    • albums that are held together with metal posts that run through the pages
    Pre-Embossed Paper
    • paper with a raised design
    Product Swap
    • a scrapbookers’ swap meet where the host gathers up duplicates of products or tools that he or she is looking to trade with others
    • tool used to cut shapes to be used as embellishments on a scrapbook page


    • paper ornamentation using fine pieces of paper curled to duplicate various shapes and images


    Red Eye
    • red color that appears in the pupils in a photograph when a flash is used
    Red Eye Pen
    • pen used to take red eye out of flash photographs
    • type of adhesive that allows you to reposition an item on your page for a certain period of time
    Reversible Adhesive
    • an adhesive that can be undone
    Roller Stamp
    • stamp mounted on a wheel to make a continuous pattern on a border
    Rubber Stamp
    • a detailed, intricate design cut out of rubber and mounted on wood or foam
    • design is made by applying color to the rubber and imprinting it on the page


    • album used to display photographs, memorabilia and journalled memories
    • tradition of mounting and preserving pictures, and memorabilia in an artistic and archival manner with relevant journaling
    Secondary Colors
    • colors created by blending primary colors
    • orange, green and violet are secondary colors created by combining red, yellow and blue
    Self Healing Mat
    • a mat you can cut on that maintains its form
    Serendipity Squares
    • squares made by creating a torn collage of scraps on a background paper, then cutting it into squares and mounting it on cardstock
    • tool used for setting eyelets
    Shabby Chic
    • sanding, crumpling and distressing paper to give it an old look and feel
    • made by adding black to any color
    Shaker Box
    • type of paper piecing where a thin PVC free page protector is combined with paper piecings to create an open window pocket
    • window contains beads, confetti, mini punches, etc. that can be shaken
    Shape Cutter
    • Tool designed to cut shapes, can be adjusted to create different variations of the shapes
    Sheet Protectors
    • folded plastic used to slip over finished scrapbook pages to protect them from external factors
    • side or top loading
    • must be acid free
    Spiral Bound Album
    • album with wire binding wound through the pages at the spine in a circular pattern
    • transfer of ink or chalk to paper using a sponge instead of a brush
    Spray Adhesive
    • aerosol spray adhesive to ensure an even layer of adhesive over a large area
    Stamp Positioner
    • a see-through tool that allows you to position stamp images precisely where you want
    • an adhesive decorative accent usually made from paper
    • to fasten or join with or as if with stitches
    Strap Binding Album
    • album secured with plastic straps that run through a holder directly on the pages and keep the book in place
    Stylus (dry embossing tool)
    • a wood/metal/plastic stick used to deboss paper
    • people looking to exchange or trade items with other scrapbookers in an organized fashion
    Swivel Knives
    • similar to craft blades but with a rotating blade makes them great for cutting along curves, for templates


    Tape Roller
    • device used to distribute tape on the back of photographs and paper embellishments
    Tape Runner
    • a dispenser containing small pieces of double sided sticky tape
    • a stencil pattern used as a guide to trace shapes
    Tertiary Colors
    • blends of primary and secondary colors (intermediate colors)
    • colors such as red-orange or blue-green
    • the overall emphasis of a page or scrapbook
    Theme Album
    • an album devoted to one idea e.g. birthdays, wedding
    Three Ring Album
    • rings that snap apart for easy page insertion removal
    • made by adding white to any opaque color
    Title Sheets
    • pages made of a series of premade titles
    • shade gradations from white to black or from light to dark
    • bag used for organizing and carrying your scrapbook supplies
    • a transparent object that is viewed by light shining through it from behind or by projection
    • group of three colors that form a triangle on the color wheel




    Walnut Ink
    • ink crystals from walnut shells
    • very versatile water soluble colorant

    • translucent design or name easily visible when a sheet is held to light

    Water Soluble
    • material that can dissolve in water

    Wax Pencils
    • soft pencils designed for use on photographs
    Wet Adhesive
    • adhesive that is applied while still in its liquid form and then dries to a solid form


    X-Acto Knife
    • tool with a straight blade to cut intricate designs

    Xyron Machine
    • machine that applies adhesive to pages
    • some xyron machines also laminate or attach a magnetic backing



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