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Scrapbook Resources Tips

Organizing Your Scrapbook Ideas

Ideas for scrapbooking are found through many resources. Serious scrappers subscribe to scrapbook magazines or buy scrapbooking books full of techniques and ideas. Scrapbooking idea books and magazines can pile up if they are not properly organized.

Here are some organization ideas for your scrapbooking magazines and scrapbook idea books:

  • Use magazine holders to organize your scrapbook magazines and books. Sort the magazines by month and year so they are easy to reference.
  • If you are only interested in saving specific ideas instead of the entire magazine, you can organize your ideas for scrapbooking into 3-ring binders and page protectors
Organizing scrapbooking tips and ideas will help you locate these suggestions when you need them. Keeping an organized scrap space will help you create beautiful layouts more efficiently.

Cropping Corner Tip: Shopping at a Scrapbook On-line Store

Shopping for scrapbook supplies can be exciting, expensive and sometimes overwhelming. Should you shop for your scrapbook supplies at a scrapbook on-line store or should you go to your local scrapbook supply store to find what you need? Here are some advantages to shopping online.

Shopping at a scrapbook on-line store allows you to view scrapbook tools, embellishments and paper in an organized setting. The products are sorted according to category. You can easily view different products and you are able to decide exactly what you need. Free shipping may be offered and you are able to shop in a quiet atmosphere without a lot of distractions, therefore giving you time to think about your purchases.

Using Liquid Applique

There are so many scrapbooking products to choose from that it is hard to decide what to use on your scrapbooking pages. Dimension on your scrapbooking layouts creates a lovely appearance for your pages. If you are looking for some new ideas for scrapbooking then trying a new product can help you come up with some original designs. Using a product called liquid applique will help you achieve dimension on your scrapbook layouts and also add some character to your stamps, letters or die cut shapes.

When using liquid applique on your scrapbook layouts, you should remember to use it sparingly. Gently squeeze the tube on the item or area where you want to apply it. Go over the letters or fill in the shape you desire. Liquid applique works best if you let it dry overnight, but if you can’t wait for it to dry you can use a heat embossing tool to dry it instantly.

Liquid applique can help emphasize a certain area of a shape or picture, such as the center of a flower or the candles on a birthday cake. You can color your liquid applique with ink to enhance an element of your scrapbook page. Extra fine scrapbook glitter can be added to the liquid applique for extra sparkle.

Using liquid applique on your scrapbook designs can assist you in making your pages unique. Experimenting with new products will help keep the excitement alive in your scrapbook routine.

Cropping Corner Tip: Ideas for Scrapbooking

There are so many scrapbooking resources for beginner to advanced scrappers. Ideas for scrapbooking can be pulled from on-line resources such as scrapbooking sites, scrapbook guides, scrapbooking tutorials, online scrapbooking lessons, etc.

Here are some other scrapbooking resources where you can get tips and ideas for your scrapbooking needs:

Scrapbooking magazines are a great resource for scrapbook project ideas, scrapbook page layout ideas and scrapbook tips.

Scrapbooking books contain valuable information concerning scrapbook tips and ideas, how to create a scrapbook page and artistic techniques.

Scrapbooking lessons are a good idea for serious scrappers who want to learn first-hand how to implement techniques and keep up on the latest scrapbook trends.

Scrapbook crops are fun places to mingle with other scrappers and get page ideas and view scrapbook examples.

There are numerous resources to turn to for scrapbooking ideas, tips, instructions, graphics, supplies and more. You can get information and advice at the click of a button on your computer or you can peruse scrapbooking books for further help. These resources are right at your fingertips so if you get stuck with a page layout or idea, you can easily find a solution.

Quilling Technique

Scrapbooking has come a long way in the last 10 years. There are so many scrapbooking resources, tips and techniques available to eager scrappers. Scrapbook magazines feature projects, new trends and crafting techniques like quilling.

Quilling or the art of rolling paper strips into designs is an old crafting technique that will make your scrapbook pages unique. Here is what you will need for quilling on your scrapbook pages:

  • A quilling tool. This is a tiny metal tool that looks similar to a dry embossing tool, but it has a point on the end with a needle-like head.
  • Thin strips of paper. Using lightweight paper is best because cardstock doesn’t roll as easily. Cut your strips about 1/16” to 1/8” wide.
  • Scrapbooking glue. Liquid adhesive will probably be the easiest to work with.

The first step is to thread your paper through the needle head on your quilling tool, you can easily do this by slightly wetting the end of the strip of paper so it is easier to thread. It will also make it automatically roll around the needle so you can start to make your first paper roll. Practicing a couple of times might help you to familiarize yourself with the quilling tool and the paper rolling process.

You can choose to roll your paper strips tightly or more loose. For a tight roll, you will want to glue the end of the paper right when you take it off the tool, while holding it in place. For a looser paper roll, you can set the roll down and let it loosen a little before you glue the end.

The paper rolls don’t have to be just circles. Once you get the hang of the quilling technique you can experiment with different shapes by rolling each end of the paper or pinching one end to create a different shape. Quilling rolls can be made into flowers, balloons, bows, leaves, etc. Decorating your pages with quilling designs will give you a distinctive look for your scrapbook layouts. With quilling, your only limitation is your own imagination.

Doodling on Scrapbook Pages

One of the new trends in the scrapbooking world is doodling. You will find this new technique in all of the scrapbook trend magazines. Creating Keepsakes scrapbook magazine will surely have some doodling examples for you to reference. What makes "doodling" so much fun is that you are basically scribbling your own design on your pages and photos. Your doodles don’t have to be perfect because the technique is freehand. Anyone can doodle on their scrapbook layouts, no scrapbooking classes or art expertise are required.

Doodling looks best when you use scrapbook markers. This creative scribble can be done on page borders, photo mats, photographs, backgrounds, etc. You can even doodle on patterned paper or printed papers to add your own personal touch to the pre-made design. Doodle on your die cut shapes to add color and pizzazz.

Doodling may seem awkward at first, but the best way to start is to “jump in with both feet” and see what you can create. Doodling is using your imagination to make beautiful scrapbook pages that will preserve your memories forever.

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