Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Misc. Projects

Not only have I been working on layouts, but I've also took it upon myself to expand my skills. I have been doing a few paper crafts and for the most part, I am very happy with the turn out! Now that I know how things will turn out in the end, Next time I try to do one of these projects, I will have a better idea on how to perfect it. Enjoy!

The following is a project I had some difficulty with creating, due to all the measurements. This is the "Card Caddy"

This project was a lot of fun doing. It's a wallet album. It expands to reveal pictures you put inside, and then folds right back up to fit in your wallet or purse!

I wanted to create something with a little more creativity that can be on display at all times. I was set on the "Chipboard Wall Hanging". I just love this project! It's all out of chipboard, eyelets, and ribbon. It was so much fun coming up with designs for the background. This can be hung ANYWHERE in your house. You can also decide to make it longer, and put any embellishments you want on it. Mine has only three sections, but I love it!

Ever have embellishments you want to store, but all the jars make them look lost? Why not try to create a little embellishment box? This is what I did. I made a small 6x6" box for my brads. I love it because the ribbon holds it all together, and it takes up less room then a jar that is only half full!

Mini albums are tough I've decided. I tried to do one, which is the craft below. It took forever to get all the paper cut out, and I became frusterated with paper sizes not matching up after I cut everything out that I just painted the backs of the cardstocks. On one side is pictures, the other-journaling. Next one I do, I'll know how to do it better!

On my scrapdesk, I have many pencil holders because I have tons of pencils, pens, and many other things that I want kept out for easy access. I got to thinking, what If I could make a box, big enough to hold all my stuff In? Instead of having all these multiple holders? I came up with a 12x12" box, with a divider in the middle. The divider is to keep seperate the pens and pencils and other things, from paper. I added paper incase I dont want to bring out a notebook to write in. Below is the finished product. All out of cardstock, and very sturdy!

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