Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scrapbooking 101/Vision Board Ideas!

I've been going through a lot of my scrap booking stuff. We only live in an apartment and I only have a little space to work in the living room. I have SO MUCH stuff so I didn't have much space to actually work. I got these nice plastic clear jars that I mixed most of my stuff together in- so that I have more room. I had to mix my brads, eyelets, everything. I'm kind of upset about it. I wish I had a house so that I had my own scrapbook room. That way everything would be organized perfectly!! I just got done cutting some letters up. I'm trying to save money, and I've been coming up with many different money saver ideas.

1)Paint Samples from stores work as great little paper pieces
2)Baby Jars make great storage
3)Cutting letters from mail, magazines, computer font printouts, (everything has letters)

Cutting letters is a great way to save money. A lot of magazines have nice, big, decorated fonts which you could use for your pages. If you cut out absolutely ANY letters in squares (not cutting around the letters) it works great for titles, journaling- everything!

All you have to do is cut out the words you like the font too, then cut each letter into squares.

It's a good idea, but this is not for all pages. Actual letters (chipboard) work better! :)

On another note; I was watching Opera today, and there was a lady on it, actaully many people- and it was about having a vision board. A vision board is something that you cut pictures, write notes, etc. on about things you want in your life. Apparently it works miracles- It's a phycological thing.. When you have something posted, you take mental notes about how you want a certain thing. In time, because it's visible to you, and you look at it often, things on your vision board start coming true.. You start getting the th
ings on your vision board- without realizing it. It's a fact apparently that when you want something REALLY REALLY bad, and crave it, don't stop thinking about it, that the item your obsessing over goes farther and farther out of reach. It's worked for many people, and this lady is a well known person, so I thought Id give it a try. I made a really mini vision board, about things that mean alot to me. I'm not going to obsess over this though- Just going to put it up in clear sight, look at it often, add stuff when I come across something- And see if anything comes out of this insane idea!
What's On My Vision Board >
Skinny (want to loose weight)
Weight Loss
Love (want my bf&i to keep loving eachother)
Bikini (want to feel comfortable in a bikini)
Money (want to save money)
White Teeth
Wedding Ring
HighHeel Shoes (want to change shoes)
Long Blonde Hair (want my hair long again)
Nice Nails
Car (want a car)
Baby (want another baby)

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