Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scrapbooking Complete Work 3

Here are some more work! I'm seriously so happy that I've had time to get so many layouts done. The only thing right now is that I'm completely stumped on layout ideas right now. I've got so many books, But I want mine to be original, not a layout from a book. Hopefully my posting period wont end soon!

"Boys Are Made Of Love, Snakes, Snails, And Puppy Dog Tails"
This is such a cute, fun layout! It was hard to come up with a colour theme because what I had in mind, I didn't have the right colour paper for. Still, I like this page!!


I wanted a really simple, clean-cut, plain layout and this is what I came up with. I had to fight the urge to add more to the blank space. I am happy with this layout, But I need to expand on my letters. The circle smarty hat letters are not what I wanted on this lay. They work though.


My ScrapSpace!
So this is my scrapspace. Crowded and unorganized. We live in an apt. so I don't have much room to begin with. Hopefully soon my boyfriend, son and I will have a house- Where I Can Have A ScrapROOM! That's my dream. I already have so many ideas for this space! Anyways, let me break down my space for you:

a) left side of desk-stuffed with scrapbooks
b) on top of desk-jars+boxes stuffed with brads, eyelets, flowers, buttons, etc. (nothing is sorted, everything is mixed together)
c) pullout on desk-stuffed with pictures, done work, papers, frames, books
d) under desk-carrying scraptote, books, papers, stencils, ribbons, ribbon iron, flowers, chalks, hot glue gun, staples, etc.
e) left side on desk(shelves in the desk)-books, papers, journals
f) drawers beside desk(right side)-stuffed with colouring materials, stickers, sewing stuff, etc.
e) ontop of drawers-stencils, camera, letters, stickers, TONS of paint, papers
f) mini desk-streamer paper, photoprinter, papers, books
g) under mini desk-PACKED with papers, stamps, punches
h) beside mini desk-frames, paper, colouring material, punches

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