Friday, August 8, 2008

ATC Card Holder

ATC Card Holder

Supply List:

  • Chipboard/Cardboard (not the corrugated kind)
  • papers of choice
  • embellishments
  • twine/ribbon (enought o wrap around your holder a few times)
  • large button with holes
  • plain white printer paper (about 10 sheets or more depending on how much you want to hold)
  • liquid glue or double sided tape
  • crop o dile or small hole punch
  • trimmer with scoring blade
  • bone folder
  • ruler

Cut a strip of card board with 12”L x 3 1/4 W
You can see the measurements on the pic.
Leave it on the side to embelish it later.

Now you want to make some pockets to hold your ATC cards

Your measurements for your pockets is 9 inches L by 4 1/2 inches wide
Fold your paper at 3 inches and then again at 3 inches

Now glue the side shut with your glue and keep repeating until all 10 are glued together

Once they are all glued you will then put glue on top of one and start the chain reation

Until you get this:

Your measurements for your paper that you will cover your holder with will be the same size as your holder :) Start covering your chipboard and embellish it however you want.

Attach your accordion inside some liquid glue or double sided tape in the middle.

Just like you did with the pockets.

Make a little hole on the top flap of your cover to close it.

Pass a string doing a knot inside to keep it in place.

Make sure your string is long enough so you can go around about 3 times.

Then to close it and go with the string around the button.

The last thing to do is after it is all complete, take and put some glue on the front flap as well that is going to fold up and adhere it to the accordian so when it opens and you pull it it will fan out. (does that make sense b/c i forgot to take a pic of that :( ? So in other words that part that has the flower and apple on it..adhere it to the printer paper inside as well... let it dry and then VOILA!!

This ATC was made using the Picnic Basket Kit and if you are not into ATC cards this could be great for putting those small stamps in like these and these.

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