Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beading Embellishments!

Gather your materials:
Pencil, double sided sticky paper, sissors, glass beads, bead tray and something to trace (I used a flower)

1. Trace your image on the double sided sticky paper and cut out.
2. Peel off one side of the paper and place sticky side down into the glass beads. Rub around until entire area is covered with beads.
3. Peel off other side of sticky paper and stick onto your scrapbook page!

Once you get a hang of this you can also use beads as boarders on your layouts. Simply use adhesive tape runner where you want beads to be placed (eg. around a photo) press glass beads onto sticky part!

PS.....Yes....this can get VERY mess! But have fun anyways!

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Ashley [Site Owner] said...

I love thisssss :) Haha, as you know amanda, i quickly went out and got the stuff. Matts on his way to get me a bead tray lol. I'm going to do this once I figure out which layouts I want to do.

I'm dry out of ideas.