Saturday, August 30, 2008


Do you like to doodle?

I love seeing pages that other scrappers have created using doodling. When I attempt it it always seems to look so lame. Now there are templates out there to help us if you are not yet ready to show your doodling to the world. It adds such a personal touch to your pages to and you can add that perfect personal touch with your own doodling. We can spend forever looking for just that perfect embellishment adding a doodle can be personal and have a lot more meaning and you can make them look as cool as you want. I encourage you to go and try some doodling on your pages here are a couple of mine using a template I do have some without a template will try and find them on my messy pc and share. But please do give it a try it is fun and your confidence will grown with practice and before you know it you will be doodling everywhere. If at first you are not 100% confident try it on a scrap piece of paper before adding it to your page when you are happy with it add it and it will also add another special element to your pages.

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