Monday, August 11, 2008

Stamp Storage

Stamps on Display

Stamps of all sorts can be worked into your décor to make your space feel more artsy. Display wood-mounted stamps on shallow shelves secured to the wall just like you’d see at the stamp store. These decorative shelves come in a variety of finishes to match any interior and can be found at hardware stores, discount retailers, and arts-and-crafts stores. For a vintage spin, hunt down worn wooden shadow boxes to house stamps. Glass jars in different sizes can be used to store entire alphabets within arm’s reach.

Magnetic Stamps

Today’s magnetic stamp systems pose another storage challenge, but one you can tackle with a little creativity. Rather than stashing your magnetic stamps in drawers or sorting through small tins to find the piece you need, take advantage of the system’s magnetism and attach pieces to wall-mounted metallic boards.

You can purchase boards with metallic or chalkboard finishes, or fashion your own system from a cookie sheet or piece of galvanized sheet metal from the hardware store. Small magnetic boxes and baskets like this one (from Making Memories) are ideal for holding mounts.

Stacking Drawer System

More utilitarian than decorative, a stacking-drawer unit or toolbox makes a wonderful storage system. There are lots of styles, but your best bet is usually a unit with varying drawer sizes or multiple compartments. We especially like this one (from Craft Locker) because it can house stamps, inks, embossing powders, and other supplies in one compact container. And the pocket doors that slide out of the way make it especially user-friendly.

Whichever style of storage unit you choose, opt for one that has more space than you think you’ll need. That way you won’t outgrow it as your stash grows.

Foam Stamp Organizer

Foam stamps are a wonderful (and inexpensive) alternative to traditional rubber stamps, but storing them can be a pain. They never fit neatly back into their original package.

But a bit of plain mat board and some hook-and-loop tape can make quick work of foam stamp chaos. Simply cut pieces of foam-core board to fit in a document storage box or magazine holder (we found this sturdy box at Target). Use adhesive hook-and-loop tape to attach the stamps to the boards, leaving enough room between each one for easy removal. If you want a system you can see at a glance, mount a large board on the back of a door or on the wall.

Stamp Binder

Unmounted stamps don’t take up much room, but they have special storage needs. Fortunately, the solutions aren’t costly. A simple three-ring binder can house sheets of acrylic unmounted stamps, and you can stash the binder on a shelf.

If you prefer your supplies in plain sight, Contributing Editor Carrie Colbert suggests purchasing 13 small lidded jars that can fit in a desk drawer and assigning each jar two letters of the alphabet. Label the lids and store several letter styles inside.

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