Friday, August 8, 2008

PP as templates for stitching

Credit: Irene Tan

This is a technique that I've used in one of my latest layout. It's actually very simple and helps you to create a cool looking stitched design on your projects.

Here are the steps to it.
1) Choose a design or a pattern from a pattern paper. It can be from colouring book, fabric, scrapping pattern papers, gift wrappers, magazine or even packaging. If you want to use an image or a pattern from a hard to pierce through materials, just traced it out first. In my example above, I've used a gift wrapper. Put your pattern on top of your layout or card stock. 2) Add a layer of soft crafting foam underneath your layout or card stock to ease the piercing process. I've used a red crafting foam in the picture above. The get yourself a needle, pin or twizzer (anything sharp for the piercing process) and start piercing holes following the pattern.
3) Remove the pattern and start stitching. In my example, I've used some water colours to paint in between the stitching to enhanced the look of the pattern.

This is so easy and fun! Try it!

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