Thursday, August 14, 2008

Go For It! -Big Time

Why not try something big and bold? Many people make a little tag in the corner for journaling, or a date, well why not try to make your date BIG and BOLD!? You have to really think of your layout and what you want to accomplish because you dont wnt your layout date to actaully be the only thing people see. Then, make your title POP. Instead of using flat adhesive, use pop adhesive. This will make your layout more interesting!

In my layout above, the whole titkle pops off the page, the boxes around the 1 and the 4 pop off the page, and pictures pop off the page, the clothes pins pop off the page and it gives it so much more interesting aspects!

I also outlined everything with a black ink pad.

Go far with your page!

This is the challenge for this week.

Use pop up adhesive, and a BIG AND BOLD journaling date, etc...

Try it!

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Amanda said...

I LOVE this page!