Thursday, August 21, 2008

Birthday Deer Card

For birthdays, Id rather make my own card for the person because it's not only more personal, but it's from the heart. For my boyfriends dad, I made the card below. I got a great picture of a deer because he loves hunting. I chose two coloured cardstocks that matched the picture for the happy birthday title. The beige cardstock matches the deer, and the green letter boarder matches the trees. I punched two holes in the corners and I found fluffy brown ribbon to give the feel of deer fur. I tied these through the holes and made bows. The inside was a problem for me as I am a perfectionist. I ended up putting a plain brown ribbon across the middle and brads on both ends. I added a brown flower in the middle. On the top and botton I did a design, and then added rub-on phrases for birthdays.

Heres your challenge- Make your own cards for people. I've got a good set of 70cards I have made myself, all different types-Birthdays, Get Well, Congratulations, New Baby...Etc. Any time I need a card, I just look through my pile. If I don't have one that I think is a good fit, I create a new one.

It's a really simple thing to do. All you need is cardstock for the base of the card. You can even go out and purchase your own blank cards and add to them. Both of these ideas work!

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