Tuesday, August 26, 2008

what is in a name??

A Layout as Special as Your Name

When you're pregnant, you're often on the receiving end of a line of questioning that goes something like this: "When are you due? How much weight have you gained? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Have any names picked out?" For me, the toughest question was always the last - the name. After all, selecting a name your child will carry for the rest of his life is a big responsibility?do you go with a trendy name? A family name? Smart-sounding, classic, cute or clever? Whatever name you choose has to be adorable enough to suit a baby, yet tease-proof for a child, cool for a teen and respectable for an adult. Such pressure!
But once the choice is made and your baby is in your arms, you realize all the effort was worth it?doesn't it seem as if no other name would suit your child as well? Why not showcase the perfect name you chose (and the perfect child you chose it for) with a layout that puts the spotlight on both? Here are a few fun ways to create a layout with a focus on your child's name.
1. Definition as theme. If the meaning of your child's name would suit an entire page theme, you can design a layout with embellishments that incorporate and build on the idea. For example, my son's name, Ryan, means "the little king." With that in mind, I produced a layout based on the royal theme. [See Example 1] The castle, trumpet and banner, and the crown and scepter photo corners all reflect the "king" motif, while silver Diamond Dust paper and silver metallic rub-on on the clouds give the layout a regal flair.

2. What's in a name? Try creating a dictionary-style layout - along with a favorite photo of your child, design a journaling box modeled after a listing in the dictionary. Use the name as the main word and include its real definition, along with one that you've made up to describe your child. For instance: "Ryan, noun. The little king. A sweet, 4-month-old boy commonly known to eat, play and sleep. Loves to be carried, often insisting upon it several hours a day. Smiles and coos frequently and laughs when tickled under the chin."
3. Family ties. Occasionally, children take their mother's maiden name as their own (for example, a mother whose last name was "Lane" could chose that as the first name of her son). If that's the case with your little one, you can design a page that incorporates mementos of your family history, such as your family crest or some heritage photos of your relatives.
4. If the shoe fits . Does the definition of your child's name apply to his personality? Perhaps you can fashion a layout that tells how it does or doesn't suit your little one with photos that illustrate the point. For example, my daughter's name means "peace." On any given day, however, she is anything but peaceful! One day, I took a photo of her during a serene moment and used that as an example of what her name really means?and included a journaling box that explains how that moment was actually a rarity! [See Example 2]

5. The nickname game. If your child has a cute nickname, you can design a layout that spotlights it, as well. My friend, for instance, calls her daughter "little love bug." She could create an adorable layout with embellishments such as hearts and whimsical little bugs!
6. The name's the same. Was your child named after someone in your family? If so, a layout featuring your little one and the person whose name they adopted would be a special addition to any album. My niece, for example, has middle names that were inspired by those of her grandmothers. To highlight that connection and their closeness, I chose a photo of Sarah and her Grandma Marlene and designed a page that discusses the special bond they share. [See Example 3]

7. Tell me why. Perhaps there is another reason why you chose your child's name. Was he named after the place where you and your husband met? An admired celebrity? A favorite flower? Whatever the reason, your child would love a layout that explains the origin of his name?perhaps you could include a written explanation, along with a photo of your child and one of the person, place or thing that inspired the name.
Whether you chose one of these concepts or devise one of your own, the layout you create about your child's name is sure to be a meaningful addition to their album and be a fantastic topic of discussion for years to come.

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