Friday, August 29, 2008

Journalling Series Part 1 - From the Heart

This section is aimed at journalling straight from the heart. Imagine an onion having 3 layers and the outer layer being the surface, middle layer being more intense and finally the inner layer or the core to be the heart and soul. Well journalling from the heart can be a little like an onion. Instead of just simply writing the basics about an event or person, try and get to the inner core of what you are trying to express. Whilst this can be difficult for some and others dont really want all their private thoughts on show - you can hide your journalling away in pockets, enevelopes and other ways and still be journalling from your heart.

You may be the only person in your family or circle of friends writing about the important details and feelings of events, friends and family. Whether you are writing about mistakes made, victories, feelings about loved ones or just simple everyday moments, your words will be and are priceless to you and future generations.

Sometimes your writing may seem trivial, but later you will discover that it is these simple things are those that tie us all altogether throughout the future generations. Imagine children having memory's forgotten from growing up without someone having taken the time to document the extraordinary and simple things that characterize their personality.

Get beyond the basics of WHO, WHAT, WHEN AND WHY and go deeper, feel the feellings of the moment, describe what really made this photo worthy of capturing, I promise you you wont be dissapointed you did so.

For me personally i really express myself from the heart, i journall so personally at times , that i have even had people comment that it make them "cry" or that it is too "mushy" - well i welcome hearing comments like that - you know why? Because i know that i have stuck the write chord, i have revealed my inner depths of love and feelings for the person in the photo. I have gone deeper, i have reached the core of the onion. I do this because i want my children, family and friends to really know how i feel, i want them to know my unconditional love and support, and that when i am no longer here, there will be no doubt of what i was all about.

I challenge you to try this, it gives you goose bumps.

Take a look at some of my pages that have heartfelt journalling, i am not afraid of geeting personal and allowing people to read this, and hopefully inspire readers to try it on there next layout.

stay tuned for the next part in the journalling series.



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