Saturday, August 30, 2008

Layout to share with you

Okay this is my first post, I know I haven`t been around much but with the kids being off school I am not getting an awful lot of internet time!!!

Completed this layout today of myself, I have recently started scrapping myself, I have a new camera and the kids and I are forever messing about with it so I suddenly have a lot of photos of me for a change and it is nice for future generations to look back on pages of you...the journalling around the photo at the bottom is my roles: Mum, Partner, Friend, Daughter, Sister...and around the top is words that describe me: Funny, Creative, Loyal, Emotional, Determined. The main journalling reads "The most important job in the world to me is being a Mum but as my children are getting older they seem to need me less and less so now begins a period of rediscovery" and this pretty much sums up me at the moment.
So scrap yourself and how you feel and what you do...and think of it as your personal history for your kids or grandchildren.
I will be back soon I promise xxx

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