Friday, August 8, 2008

Ribbon Storage

I have an organized and not so organized system to storing my ribbon. As you can see, my not so organized way is to stuff ribbon strands into this clear, glass jar. I like that I can quickly see the colors and what is availabe. A lot of times this is where I stuff a few inches of ribbon instead of trying to wrap it around the plastic tabs.

This is my organized ribbon storage. I store my ribbon on these tabs inside this plastic organizer.You can pick these up at any local scrapbooking or hobby store for about $'s suppose to be for storing DMC floss.

Once I wrap my ribbon around the plastic dividers I store it in this plastic box. You can get a plastic box at a scrap/hobby store, or you can even find something simpler (maybe not as large and spacey) at a dollar store.

Storing ribbon on these spools can have problems though. Because they have been sitting for so long, all wrapped around, they develop kinks in the ribbon every few inches.

You can easily solve this problem!

There are two options.

The first option is to use a "ribbon straightener". I have purchased this through a wonderful online scrapstore by a lady named Michelle. I love it. It's small, simple, heats up just the right amount, and can easily be stored anywhere. It sells for about $13.00 CAD if you can find it cheap. (You can visit her site by going to Keep It Simple Scrapbooking)

The second option is to use your hair straightener! This is a convenient option to those who do not want to purchase an iron made for ribbon. It works pretty much the same, because it heats up so hot that the ribbon comes out completely straight. If you don't mind getting it out, using a big iron to flatten small ribbon, then putting it back from where you store it, this is a fine option for you to use.

Personally, I like using the ribbon iron because it's made just for that - Ironing ribbon.
Plus it's PINK.
How could you go wrong!

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