Tuesday, August 12, 2008

create a happy scrap space

Whether your scrap space is a room, a closet or a corner of a bedroom, the key is learning how to be happy where you are and working toward what you want. Be open. Be as creative in how you store your supplies as you are when you're creating your pages and putting together projects.

Read on how to learn about my five ingredients for a happy scrap space >>>

Find an organization system that works for you.
For many, step one is deciding between an open or a closed organization system. In the beginning many people think they want several chests of drawers all lined up along one wall (hiding all the creative mess), but many soon realize that they need to be able to see things, in order to use them. An open organization system consisting of baskets and shelving has worked well for many people.

Establish Zones
Set up zones in your scrap space.

  • Technology: Computer, printer, scanner, and other electronic devices
  • Hands On: Work table (with shelving underneath that hold often-used items and a basket of paper scraps)
  • Storage: Shelving that surrounds the work table. Three different areas each hold a variety of different things. Tip: Make sure your frequently used items are the mosts accessible-This is key!
  • Deeper Storage: Use additional built-in shelves in the hallway or closet space for longer-term storage of supplies that you don't use often.

Make room for work.
Actual table top space is at a premium. Some people like to look down on their work, so a chair that can adjust to different heights. Many people have goals to clean off their space between projects but thats just not always realistic. Go with the flow. A hardware caddy is a perfect item to keep on your desk. It holds the items that you use most: pens, adhesive, circle tags, scissors, a craft knife, and more.

Get Thrifty.
Reproduce items to use as storage for all your goodies. Try yard sales and second hand stores. They are great sources for baskets, glass refrigerator dishes, and tons of other containers. Always keep your eye out for spinning racks that have been used in a retail setting.

Get Inspired.
Have an inpiration board, or two in your area for visual stimulation. Look for colours, types, photos and designs that make you want to create. You can also put your favourite layouts in frames and hang them up. You can also put lists on your boards.

Other things that can make your space a fun place:
  1. space for your children to play
  2. recycle basket
  3. big garbage bin
  4. random bins for papers and mail (you can incorporate items like this into layouts)

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