Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Creating Daily

For many people, creating is a daily process. While you might not create projects daily, you might be taking photos, gathering supplies, trying new techniques, editing and printing photos, writing down thoughts and memories or keeping track of ideas.

When it's time to actually scrapbook, many start with photos. You can scrapbook by emotion. If you do this, you will choose your photos based on how they make you feel, then you select supplies to help depict that.

You will grab your paper, and a few embellishments and start to lay things out. Once you get the basic design going, you will most likely adhere everything together and add a few finishing touches. The way you organize all the bits and pieces is really what helps you to create a layout from start to finish fairly quickly.

As you keep reading this post, you will learn about some great organization ideas for your scraproom. It's for everyone. You can have a small space, or a large space, and incorporate these fantastic ideas in your room, in some sort of way.

Working Area
You can have two seperate working areas in your space. One is the computer desk and printing area where you can sit to organize, edit and print photos for your projects. This is also where you can do your photography related work and keep track of household items. Because this area is used for a variety of different things, it can get cluttered easily. It will take constant effort to keep organized. You can use different binders for photography, scrapbooking, household documents, and other information. When you sit down at your computer desk to tackle your to-do list, you can grab the corresponding binder- and everything you need will be all in one spot.

The other work space you can have in your room, is your "scrapbook island". This is where you can do all your scrap work. You can try to keep the top of the desk (which will be placed in the middle of your room-"island") as clutter free as possible. This is so you can spread everything out and actaully see what you are working with. Some good things to actually keep on top of this desk are your paper cutter, and a Desktop Carousel from Memory Makers. The carousel stores new items that you want to use and leftover bits and pieces of things that you want to save for another project.
You should have the back of the island open to help you keep all of your commonly used items at your fingertips. Plastic bins are a perfect tool to hold many of your items. The island can also contain plastic organizers with your most commonly used embellishments, such as brads and metal clips.

Display And Inspiration

I love keeping my recent and most favourite pages out in the open where I can see them everyday. One way to do this, is to display layouts on a really large magnet board above your desk. Beside this big main board, you can put four smaller magnetic boards to put up inspiration pieces and new products that you would like to use. This is where you can post photos, pages from magazines, and other things that make you happy.
You can also use the top of bookcases to display your projects. All around the room you can put fun, inspiring objects that make you love being in your scrap room.

My personal preference is scrap page frames. I love putting my best pages in frames, and not only putting them up on the walls in my scraproom, but all over the house.

Bookcases for Storage
To one side of your island you can but a large bookcase where you can keep a lot of supplies. You should put the most commonly used items right at eye level or at least at arms reach so you can get to them easily. You can store your paper in this bookshelf too. Cropper Hopper plastic organizer is a great way to store your papers. The larger bins in your shelving, that are not visable are for items you hardly use. This could be anything from foam stamps, ribbon, fabric, note cards.
To one side of this book shelf, a small rolling cart fits perfectly. You can store all of your rub ons and letter stickers in metal bins on top of the cart. Keeping all of your paint out in the open in metal baskets hanging on the wall above the bins are the perfect way to store paints. Not only are they always out in the open, and fit perfect in metal hangers, but because the paints are upwards, they do not dry out or plug. They stay in perfect condition.

Anywhere in your room, you can put a smaller bookcase also. Here, you can keep all of your cardstock, organized by colour. If you have a sewing machine, you can put it onto of the smaller bookcase. Keeping a bin for papers and transparencies that are new and planned for upcoming projects is a wonderful idea. It's easier to use things that you can see.
In this general storage area, you can put a large metal basket to store all of your kits. You can subscribe to a few monthly kits and when you do, you will most likly LOVE what you get. Therefore, you want to keep all kits in the open. You get just the right amount of products to play with, and in the end you aare always happy with the finished product.

On another wall, you can put another shelving unit, such as another smaller book shelf. This can be used to store baskets. In these baskets, you can store flowers, ribbons and buttons, stickers and metal trinkets.

If you have children, you can put a tiny little desk where they can do something creative on their own. You can keep a basket of supplies under the table that they can grab from, along with buckets of crayons, pencils and other options on top of the table.

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