Friday, August 8, 2008

Organizing Inspiration

When I go to the store, and bring home a magazine, I usually go through them, and maybe fold over a corner, or tab a page somehow once I have found something inspiring. A lot of the times, when I do this, I will put my magazines away, and I'll eventually forget about the layouts I tabbed to later come back to.

I wanted to do something that would help better organize these pages, and I decided on the following:

I went out and bought a little notebook thing from walmart. I went through all my magazines and I cut out everything that inspired me. When I did this, I was so happy because you get rid of all the pointless advertisements and you just have what inspires you. I tore out all the sketches that come with the magazines. I put them in my little book of sketches.

I have all my inspiration right at my fingertips. Now, I don't feel so overwhelmed with magazines and trying to find that layout to lift or technique that I wanted to try.

You can end up putting these sketches, layouts and tips anywhere, such as a 3 ringed binder.

When you are going through the layouts, most scrapbooks have neat, large fonts. This is a plus, because you can not only collect the LO's, but also cut the letters you think are cute for future use!

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bicescrapper said...

This is a great you know how much space this will have me?