Monday, August 11, 2008

Stamping Tips

When you have your stamp and ink in hand, you’re ready to start. Keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Test your results before stamping on your project. Each stamp requires different amounts of ink and pressure to stamp properly. Large or less-detailed stamps require more ink; small stamps and fine designs require less.
  • Make sure the image is evenly covered with ink and free of debris.
  • If the stamp you are using is larger than the ink pad, place the stamp on the table, rubber side up, and tap the ink pad onto the stamp.
  • Stamp on a hard, even surface.
  • Hold the stamp securely on the sides. Do not rock the stamp from side to side as you apply pressure. This will blur the image. Use your fingers to press the stamp down firmly to ensure that all areas receive pressure.
  • To avoid smearing, take extra precautions to make sure your hand is steady when stamping on slick surfaces.
  • Let the image dry before you touch it. You can speed up the process by embossing or drying with a heat tool.
  • To prevent your stamp pads from becoming cloudy, clean your stamps before changing colors. Alcohol-free baby wipes work wonderfully.

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