Wednesday, September 10, 2008

12 tips for terrific titles

"12 Tips for Terrific Titles"

1. The easiest way to use the many lettering templates is to flip them
over and trace the word on the "back" of your card stock. (Remember
your word must be spelled backwards)
2. When you start to cut your title out get rid of as much excess paper
that is surrounding your traced letters.
3. Always remember to move your paper not your scissors when
4. When you reach the end of the scissor blade on a cut don’t remove
the blade, simply slide the scissors along the cut as you open them
and continue on. (This will prevent those little "teeth" you will leave if
you pick up your blades.)
5. Always work with a sharp craft knife. I recommend using the "snap
off" blades because they are easy to get a new blade.
6. When using your cutting mat there is no need to use a lot of
pressure. You’ll get tired quicker and make it harder to cut by dragging
the blade into the mat.
7. Instead of using the "holes " for certain letters provided on the
lettering template use a 1/4" circle, triangle or oval hand held punch.
8. Fonts on your computer can be used the same way the
ettering templates are by using the "outline" command in your
program and "flipping" the title horizontally. (This will print the ink lines
on the back of the title and makes it unnecessary to cut them off with
your scissors.)
9. Draw any kind of pattern on your paper before you are going to cut it
out. This will create a more even flow of the design. (Stickers,
creative tearing, and decorative scissor edges should be done
before cutting also.)
10. If you are going to chalk, ink or "spray" your titles using the
lettering template as a stencil it is often easier to do it on a separate
piece of paper rather then on your page. (Better to ruin a piece of
card stock then a whole scrapbook page.)
11. To prevent over spray from inking, chalking, or "spraying", use
sticky notes to cover the neighboring letters.
12. If you are not happy using your own handwriting to journal in
your scrapbook ,there are many web sites to get free fonts that look
very much like handwriting. The many Cd’s that are available have
good journaling fonts also.

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