Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ribbon Accordian Album

Ribbon Accordion Album

Accordion albums bound together with ribbon are easy to make by following a few simple steps. The mini-albums are held together by colorful ribbon and the pages fold together like an accordion. Start by cutting 4 x 8 stripes of cardstock and carefully score them in half (but do not cut them all the way through), then place them side-by-side 3/8” apart. Lay two ribbons that measure 19 ½ “ across the strips, one piece 3/8” from the top and the other 3/8” from the bottom. Now tape one end of each ribbon and secure to your workspace. Use liquid glass to attach the ribbon to your cardstock and let it dry thoroughly. Apply strong adhesive to the top of each cardstock strip, fold the scored section and adhere it to the bottom of the cardstock. Finally trim the ribbons and add photos and journaling. You can embellish your mini accordion ribbon albums with patterned papers and other embellishments. These make fabulous gifts for teachers, parents, grandparents, mothers-to-be, etc.

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