Friday, September 12, 2008

Here are some greatthings you might wnt to have while scrapbooking!

1.) Scissors - are like bringers of order. Scissors shape the little bits of paper into forms that you can use in your scrapbook.
1 a.)Conventional paper- Conventional paper-cutting scissors – These scissors are made to cut and to cut straight.
1 b.)crafting scissors Crafting scissors – This type of scissors can be bought at different art supply shops.

2.)Puncher – This nifty scrapbooking tool is used mainly to punch holes into paper.
a) Conventional – This type of puncher produces round holes.
b) Shaped – This type of puncher, pretty much works in the same manner as the conventional puncher.

3) Tweezers – Tweezers are often used as scrapbooking tools in order to enable the crafter to put in a design or to glue in a bit of paper neatly.

4) Computer – This can be an excellent scrapbooking tool because of the fact that it can do a variety of things.

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