Monday, September 8, 2008

Embellishment organisation and a few tips from my storage.

If you are anything like me once you have been scrapbooking for a while your embellishment stash gets way out of control. I have tried many ways to organise my embellishments you just have to find what suits you best. I will give you some ideas of how I have stored mine and so far this best works for me. Not saying it is for everyone but just to give you some idea of how I organise mine. I have 4 large drawers that store

1. my alphabet stickers

2. Boy embellies and boy themed stickers

3.Girl embellies and stickers

4. Generic themed stickers and embellies.

I have spice jars that are on hanging racks that hang under one of my scrap cupboards that house my buttons,pins, clips and tiles. This is very handy and within reach and gets these fiddly items all tidied up.

My primas and all other flowers have their own shelves as I have a little obsession with flowers as you will see with a lot of my LO they are usually covered in flowers.

I have a few 5 drawer caddies that you can get from dept stores that house my rubons, metals and mats and blades etc for my Craft robo.

My tapes and scissors hang from an old coffee mug tree that I have altered and sits on my desk well within reach.

I purchased little drawers that house all my CB alphas all letters have their own drawer except uncommon ones which I have added 2 to a drawer. These are so much easier to use as I have cut out each letter on the sizzix machine and added it to the front of each drawer.

There are so many ways to organise your stuff so it is easy for you to find or within your reach for you whilst scrapping as I said before you just need to find what works for you. My way is in no means the best but at this time it is what works for me and if it helps just one person out its all worth it.

I will add some pics for you.

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