Monday, September 8, 2008

Clear Stamp Tips and Tricks from Sassafras Lass

CLEAR STAMPING INSTRUCTIONS • Apply self adhesive stamp to stamping block. Apply ink or dye to stamp surface. Press stamp firmly against object to be stamped. Remove. Clean stamp surface.

TIPS AND TRICKS • To ensure you are applying even pressure with your stamp block attach another clean stamp from the same set parallel and approximately 1 inch apart from the stamp you are using. Be careful not to get ink on the stamp used for leveling. • Try different types of inks and dyes to achieve various effects. Test them out on scrap material first to make sure you have chosen the right one for your project. • Try using multiple stamps side by side on the block at the same time and create your own unique pattern.

CLEANING AND STORAGE • To keep stamps clear and free from ink stains clean each stamp immediately after use with a brush and cleaning solution or slightly soapy water. Wet wipes also work well. • Wash stamps as needed in warm soapy water to return the surface to its original sticky condition. • Stamps can be stored on the provided clear plastic carrier sheet.

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