Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ABc's of me

Creating a BOM 9Book of Me is bcoming extremely popular here are some tips and ideas for an ABC of me book.

Another ABCs of Me
Another way you could do an ABCs of Me layout is to describe yourself using words starting with each letter of the alphabet. Here's a word list, compiled by professional lifewriting and scrapbooking instructor Mary Ihla, to get you thinking.
- A -
absent-minded, accomplished, acerbic, adaptable, adroit, adventurous, affable, affectionate, ageless, aggressive, agile, agreeable, airhead, aloof, altruistic, ambitious, amenable, amiable, amusing, angry, antagonistic, apple-polisher, appreciative, ardent, argumentative, artistic, artsy-craftsy, astute
- B -
bashful, beautiful, belligerent, benevolent, big-hearted, bitchy, bitter, blabby, boastful, bold, boring, bossy, bouncy, brash, brave, bright, brown-noser, bubbly, bullheaded, buttinsky
- C -
cagey, calculating, calm, candid, capricious, careful, caring, caustic, cautious, charitable, charming, chatterbox, cheapskate, cheeky, cheerful, chickenhearted, childish, classy, comical, communicative,, compassionate, competent, competitive, complacent, composed, conceited, condescending, confident, conservative, consistent, conventional, cool-headed, cordial, courageous, courteous, cowardly, coy, crabby, crafty, cranky, creative, critical, cry baby, cultured, cunning, curious, curt, cynical
- D -
dainty, daring, dauntless, deceptive, decisive, defensive, defiant, deft, deliberate, delicate, demanding, demure, dependable, dependent, determined, dictatorial, difficult, dignified, diplomatic, direct, discerning, discriminating, dispassionate, distinctive, docile, domineering, down-to-earth, dramatic, drama queen, dreamy
- E -
eager, earnest, earthy, easygoing, eccentric, effervescent, efficient, egocentric, egotistic, elitist, eloquent, emotional, empathetic, enthusiastic, ethical, even-tempered, exacting, expressive, extravagant
- F -
facetious, faint-hearted, fair-minded, fanatical, featherbrained, feckless, feminine, fibber, fiery, finicky, flamboyant, flighty, flirty, foolhardy, forceful, forgetful, forthright, frank, friendly, frugal, funny, furtive, fussy
- G -
gabby, garrulous, generous, genial, genteel, gentle, giddy, giggly, giving, go-getter, good-hearted, gossiper, gracious, greedy, gregarious, grouchy, grumpy, gung-ho, gutsy
- H -
happy, hard-boiled, hard-headed, headstrong, heartless, helpful, helpless, heroic, high-minded, high-spirited, honest, honorable, hopeful, hot-blooded, hotheaded, hot-tempered, humane, humble, humorous, hypocritical
- I -
idealistic, idiosyncratic, imaginative, immature, impartial, impassioned, impatient, impetuous, impish, impractical, impudent, impulsive, incisive, inconsistent, independent, indifferent, indulgent, ingenious, innocent, innovative, insensitive, intelligent, intense, intolerant, intrepid, intuitive, inventive, irascible, ironical, irresponsible, irritable
- J -
jaunty, jester, jittery, jocular, jokester, jovial, joyful, judgmental, jumpy, just, juvenile
- K -
kind, kindhearted, know-it-all, knowledgeable
- L -
lackadaisical, laconic, laid-back, languid, lazy, leader, lenient, lethargic, levelheaded, liar, liberal, lighthearted, listener, lively, live wire, loafer, logical, loner, loquacious, loud, loving, low-keyed, loyal, lucky
- M -
magnanimous, malleable, mannerly, masterful, materialistic, matter-of-fact, maudlin, meddlesome, melodramatic, merciful, merry, messy, methodical, meticulous, mettlesome, mild-mannered, militant, milquetoast, miserly, mistrustful, moderate, modest, moocher, moral, mule-headed, multifaceted, musical
- N -
naive, narcissistic, narrow-minded, neat, neighborly, nervous, nervy, nice, nit-picky, noisy, nonchalant, nonconformist, nosy
- O -
obedient, obliging, oblivious, obnoxious, observant, obsessive, obstinate, offbeat, old-fashioned, open-minded, opinionated, optimistic, orderly, ordinary, organized, orthodox, outgoing, outspoken, overbearing, overconfident
- P -
passionate, patient, patronizing, penny-pinching, pensive, peppy, perceptive, perfectionist, perky, persevering, persistent, persnickety, persuasive, picky, pigheaded, placid, plainspoken, playful, pleasant, pliant, plucky, Pollyanna, pompous, positive, possessive, pouty, practical, pragmatic, prankster, preachy, precise, prejudiced, prideful, prissy, procrastinator, proficient, prompt, proper, protective, proud, provincial, prudent, prudish, prying, pushover, pushy
- Q -
quarrelsome, querulous, questioning, quibbler, quick, quick-tempered, quick-witted, quiet, quirky, quixotic
- R -
radical, rash, rational, realistic, reasonable, rebellious, recalcitrant, reckless, refined, relentless, reliant, reserved, resilient, resolute, resourceful, respectable, responsible, responsive, restive, restrained, reticent, righteous, risk-taker, romantic, rowdy, rude, ruthless
- S -
sagacious, sage, sanctimonious, sanguine, sarcastic, sassy, saucy, savvy, scheming, schmaltzy, scrappy, scrupulous, secretive, secure, selective, self-absorbed, self-assured, self-confident, self-controlled, selfish, selfless, self-reliant, self-sufficient, sensible, sensitive, sentimental, serene, serious-minded, shallow, shameless, shiftless, shifty, show-off, shy, silly, sincere, skeptical, slow, sly, small-minded, smart, smart-aleck, smarty-pants, sneaky, snobby, snooty, sociable, softhearted, solemn, sophisticated, sourpuss, spiritual, spontaneous, stalwart, standoffish, starry-eyed, steady, stick-in-the-mud, stingy, stouthearted, straightforward, strait-laced, stubborn, stuck-up, studious, stuffy, sulky, suspicious, sweet, sympathetic
- T -
taciturn, tactful, tactless, talkative, tease, temperamental, tenacious, tenderhearted, testy, thinker, thoughtful, thrifty, thorough, tidy, tightfisted, tightlipped, touchy, tough-minded, tranquil, troublemaker, trustworthy, trusting, two-faced
- U -
unabashed, unbending, unbiased, uncompromising, unconventional, undaunted, under4standing, uninhibited, unique, unpredictable, unreasonable, unreliable, unsophisticated, untruthful, uppity, upright, uptight
- V -
vain, venturesome, veracious, verbose, versatile, very (anything), vibrant, virtuous, vital, vivacious, vocal, vociferous, volatile, vulnerable
- W -
wacky, warm, wary, wavering, weak, weak-minded, weary, weepy, weird, well-mannered, wench, whimsical, whinny, wide-eyed, willing, wise, wisecracker, wisenheimer, wistful, witchy, withdrawn, witty, woebegone, wondering, wordy, workaholic, worldly, worrywart, wry
- X -
xtra (anything)
- Y -
yakker, yearning, yellow-bellied, yenta, young-at-heart, youthful
- Z -
zany, zealous, zestful, zippy, zonked

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