Thursday, September 4, 2008

Christmas Album Ideas....

a spin on the traditional 12 days of Christmas :

How about

*traditions you do
*ornaments placed on the tree, one each day so do a page each day
*Nativity set placed out, one piece at a time, Christ baby last
*food you cook each day
*presents you give, not receive
*presents you receive
*thought, quote, bible verse, etc., for each day
*have each member of the family decorate a page, if there are an odd number, two or more and do one page
*each day list something you're thankful for, each adding to the last, so you have 12. OR do 3 things each day so by the end of the 12 days you have 36 items!

*each day list something you love about a person, maybe one album for each member of the family

*letter to someone for each day (you can copy and mail i fyou want) can be dead or alive

*prayer for each day

*Christmas memory, one each page, maybe each family member contributes to fill it up.

*journal entry for each day.

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