Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Re-Juicing your Markers

Ahhhhh, nothing like a nice juicy marker (hey, you didn’t think I was going to say steak did you?) And there is nothing worse that scraping a dry marker over a lovely stamped image, fingernails on a chalkboard anyone!?! If you have dual tip brush markers hold on to your hats cuz you can re-ink them and save a ton of $$. Here’s how. You will need dye based reinkers, glycerin and rubbing alcohol. There are two ways to re-ink your brush tip markers. If you have Stampin Up, Marvy Leplume or Whispers you can use pliers (or your teeth) to pull off the plastic tip that holds the fine point writing nib, then you can squeeze a few drops of re-inker right into the barrel on to the sponge stick inside. If you can’t remove the nib from your marker (or you are scared to) you can squeeze some ink in to a shot glass and put your marker in brush end down and the dry marker will wick up the fresh ink. Buy say you do not have the exact color to re-ink your marker. Don’t fret. Here’s what you do! Find the closest color. If you need light pink and you have dark pink take the dark pink and add a little glycerin and rubbing alcohol to it, dip a q-tip in it and test it on a scrap adding more ink or glycerin+alcohol as needed. I like to keep enough re-inker colors on hand so I can mix up what I need when I need it. I usually by Stampin Up re-inkers but I have had good luck with a ink-jet re-inker kit I found at the dollar store too! If you have blender pens ( the clear markers that let you blend ink, chalk and watercolor pencils) you can rejuice them too! Just mix glycerin and alcohol in a cup and dip the brush end in! Easy as pie!

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