Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off The Page Projects

I think one of my favourite things in scrapbooking would have to be off the page projects. Some people see the word often and have no idea what off the page projects are others look and admire and think oh I couldnt do anything that gorgeous so dont even give it a go. You should it is so much fun and if you dont like your end results you can always take it off and start again. Basically an OTP project is anything that isnt on a page to go in an album. What you can do as an OTP project is endless paint cans, clocks, trash cans, tissue boxes, cannisters, tins, milk cartons, mdf albums, boxes, cupboards, photo frames, wall canvases almost anything you can think of can be decorated. I started looking at other peoples trash as my OTP treasures and I have inherited so many goodies to alter that I may never have enough time to complete them all . Now all my friends and family consider their trash before they throw it out often they will bring round a box saying I was going to throw this but can you use it. I have made so many gifts and it truly is rewarding to see someone fall in love with one of your OTP projects they really are rewarding.

Here are a couple of examples of some of my OTP projects.

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