Monday, September 8, 2008

Some household items- repurposed in scraproom!

**Quart mayonnaise/canning jars--I store my ribbon in them according to color. **Qtips--for edging letters using a stamp pad.
**Pampered Chef scrapper--used in getting things off of the mat.
**Silver instant threader(comes with sewing needles)--used in pulling ribbon etc thru small holes.
**White Gum Eraser--erases tiny words off of those paint chips from HD.
*Snack/Sandwich Ziploc Baggies--punch a hole in one corner, put them on an O ring(store emb thread, ABC diecuts,etc) I have one of those over the door towel rack and they are hanging from it.
**Jewerly Bead Round Organizer from m's-- one stores my eyelets and brads, the other stores my assorted gems(use a 40% coupon) can be stored one on top of the other and has a handle on it.
**Pampered Chef Dough Roller--pressing paper down onto cricut mat.
**Rotating Spice Rack with Glass Bottles--holds my assorted buttons,by color(my friend gave me this idea)
**Small Clear Zippered Bags that sheets come it--stores some of my ribbon and it is see thru. **Foam Egg Carton--stores Cricut Cartridges(idea from someone on the message board,name?sorry)
**Glass Cutting Board/ a Ceramic Tile Square--makes a great surface to work on.
**Clear Round Plastic Container with Lid(inside divides into 6 triangles, used for spices)--makes a great bead organizer.
**Plastic Container inserts that Mini Frozen Quiche comes in(20 mini cups in one)--makes a great organizer.
**Plastic Container inserts from Small Candy Boxes--makes a great earring organizer and for misc.
**PO Express Mail Boxes--Cut down, makes a great 12x12 paper holder standing up(likes the plastic ones) **Masking Tape--makes a great way to label scrapbooking containers if you dont have a label maker, can be removed easily.
**Hat Box--makes a great storage box, with ropetype handle.(I had bought it on clearance, little over a 1.00 cause the lid was unglued on side, all it needed was clear packaging tape)
**Sm White 6cup paint tray--found in the crafts 49c at WM, holds beads etc for small projects. **Cuticle Scissors--comes in handy for trimming little things like cutting out"O"s, middle of "A"s, etc.
**Clear Velvetta Container--Turned upside down, makes a great storage container and are stackable.
**Edys Dibs Ice Cream Snack Container--makes a great organizer, you can even cover it with leftover scrapbooking paper to make it look even better.
**Nestles Quik Yellow Plastic Container--another organizer.
**Small Metal Tin Can--makes a great hideaway for those late-night snacks when scrapbooking/card making!!!!!! :) (the best for last!! LOL)

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