Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Coming Home"

You could ask me to recall my childhood home and I could tell you all about the layout of the house and all the little details I remember from my younger days. But do I have a record of them captured on film - unfortunately not. Back then nobody thought to capture the little pieces, nook's and crannies. What a shame, now that home which was such a special place for me has been sold to many different owners dince then. All the aspects of the house have probably been removed or altered, so now all I have is just memories.
For me now I strive to create a home with special memories and details where my famly and friends can come in and enjoy themselves and create new memories along the way. My home has been the backdrop of so many events, celebrations and not so great times and I dont want to forget them in years to come. More importantly by recording these things now, my children will one day have a meaningful account of there childhood home. Dont let the details of your home go left un-recorded, now go-on record your home's Cozy, not so cozy and little bits in-between, and be glad that you have left nothing to just your memory.

When considering what to photograph try these to start with:

1. entryway
2. Fireplace
3. display of family photograps
4. collections or displays of special items
5. family calenders
6. Kitchen/meals area
7. family car
8. pets
9. indoor/outdoor play areas
10. gardens
11. laundry
13. sleeping areas
14. view outside your favourite room
15. video/dvd collections
17. jewellery
18. mens business shirts hanging
19. magazine/book pile
20. anything else that you fancy.

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