Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Creating "Bubble" patterned paper

Want to create your own paper that is a little different from the rest? Well give this method a try and you will be creating "Bubble" paper in all shades of colours.

The great thing is you only need a few basic supplies, most of which you should already have on hand

Supplies Needed:

Dishwashing Liquid


Food Colouring(or any liquid colour)





Place 2 drops of dishwashing liquid in a bowl and mix with water - so that it looks like it would when you are washing up, all bubbly (Fig.1)

Next add colour of your choice directly into liquid, add as many or less as you like, keep in mind though that the stronger the colour the more intense it will show up on your paper at the end. (Fig.2)

Agitate the colouring and dishwashing liquid together to blend the two together

Next blow bubbles into mixture with your straw until the bubbles are quite high in the bowl. (Fig.3)

Place paper on top of bubbles and gently push paper down to transfer the coloured mixture to paper. (Fig.4)

This method can be repeated over and over again to fill the entire paper with pattern, in either the same colour or a different one.

Have fun!!!!!

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