Friday, September 5, 2008

The cuttlebug

Ok, so I have been told I buy too much of my fave toys to rave about is the Cuttlebug...for those of you who dont have a Cricut or die cut machine, this is a great way to start...I primarily use my cuttlebug for embossing, but it is also a die cut machine!! Its an awesome lil green bug!!!! I love the embossed look on my cards, and its compact and smaller and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay less expensive if you are looking for a cheaper way to go. Cuttlebug embossing folders and dies can be found at Michaels, and Wal Mart...some scrapbook stores carry them as well...

The machine retails for 109.99 at Michaels..but use a 40% off coupon, and its a lot less..even cheaper still, I think I saw it at wal mart for 69.99!

Here are a few cards made with the cuttlebug embossing folders (which by the way are about 8.99 a piece at michaels..but I always use a coupon!)

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Radiogirl said...

Nice cards. I like them. Love my Cuttlebug too.