Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do you Cricut?

Well I for one ADORE my cricut, and would never trade it for anything...well low and behold I am one of the few in my town to have one that frequently uses my LSS (local scrapbooking store) has asked me to teach a class..woohoo!! A cricut class by Cath!! CRAAAAAAZY thats a lot of C's! hahaha. Anyhow, for those of you who dont know what the machine is, its a tech savvy version of a die cut cuts letters and shapes out on a sticky mat..using a blade..kinda like a printer with a blade! The cricut retails for 299.99$ for the small one and 499.99 for the large one in Canada...that being said..I have seen them on sale for less at Wal Mart or when Michaels has a sale. They also have one on the infomercials now..which in my opinion is a rip off! LOL! The mats and blades and cartridges are where they make their money, the cartridges in Canada retail for 119.99$ and mats are 16.99 for the small machine, and 24.99$ for the large machine. WAIT FOR THE CARTRIDGES TO GO ON SALE cos when they do they are only 55$ a piece..and as I justify it to my husband, thats 2 for 1! Anyway, if you have more questions regarding the machines, let me know, as I have both ;)....but here are some sample pages I did for the LSS to show what the machines capabilities are...I justed used my little Cricut for these...since thats the machine most will buy first before upgrading, and it can cut from 1 inch to 5.5 inches! happy scrappin,
Cath T!

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