Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby's book of 1sts!

One idea for a baby scrapbook theme is a "Book of Firsts". In this album you can record milestones for your infant/baby. Your page layouts can be created around a certain milestone. For example:First Words
First Steps
First Tooth
First Haircut
First Foods
First Bath
First Birthday
First Christmas
First Easter
Trip to the Zoo
This exclusive baby scrapbook will be unique for each child. Include sentimental items in your book such as "locks of hair" for your first haircut page, Christmas or birthday cards for the "firsts" in those categories and lots and lots of pictures for the "first steps" etc. Use journaling spaces on your pages to keep record of "first words" and funny phrases your child says when they begin to talk. Baby scrapbooks don't have to be traditional, you can come up with any type of theme you want for your scrapbook pages. Make the book fun and interesting to look at for future generations.

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