Tuesday, September 9, 2008

how to make pigment and embossing ink!

If you have stumbled on to this post it is probably 11:27 pm, you are in the middle of a huge stamping project and your ink-pad has run dry! No worries, you can make thick luscious pigment ink with just a few supplies you may have on hand already (even if you don’t you can get all of the necessary supplies for less than the cost of 2 new ink-pads!)
You will need: A Plastic Spoon, Artist’s Gouache (pronounced “gwash”, it is a thick opaque watercolor available at art shops or large chain craft shops like AC Moore. I use the set of 18 colors by Reeves. Cost:$10), Vegetable Glycerin (available at a health food store) * If you just want to make clear embossing ink use only the glycerin, it is exactly what clear ink is made of, some companies add fragrance but glycerin is what makes the embossing power stick, it makes a great watermark ink too. If it seems to thick you can add a drop of rubbing alcohol to it.
Directions: Grab the ink pad you need to re ink. Squirt the gouache on the pad (if you need to mix colors to get the right shade you can do that on a piece of waxed paper of leftover plastic packaging.) Add a couple of drops of glycerin to the ink pad and work the paint and glycerin in to the pad with the back of the spoon. Grab a stamp and test it, if the image looks to transparent add more paint. You made need a touch of white to make it more opaque. If the ink is to thick or dry feeling add more glycerin. If you are truly in a bind and need ink now and do not have gouache raid your child’s art box for tempera or poster paint which is the same as gouache except it has more water in it so it may be more transparent but after you ink up your pad you can try evaporating out some of the water with a hairdryer.
Invest in the gouche and the glyceryn if you don’t already have it and I promise you will never buy a bottle ofpigment refill ink again!
BTW I came up with this when I was in the middle of a huge stamping project and my ink-pad ran dry!

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