Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Scrapbook Adhesives
There are many scrapbook adhesives on scrapbook store shelves. Which ones work best? It would be great if you could just point to one source and say, "Ok, get this one product and it will do everything you can imagine."
Unfortunately, different products do some things better than others. Some people absolutely adore PVA glue. They use it on a lot of different scrapbook papers and embellishments. Other people are Herma (Hermafix) fanatics (myself included). I don't use it on everything, though.
You see, it just depends on what you're doing. Take a look at some of the products below and read more about them if you want specifics about what they are able to do. As you use a variety of adhesives, you will find that you lean toward a few products more than others.
I use a variety of scrapbook adhesives when I work on my scrapbooks (or card making). It just depends on what I am working with (such as metal, fabric, heavy cardstock or ribbon).
You will learn most by talking to other scrapbookers and asking questions at your local scrapbook store. See if they can show you how some of the various scrapbook adhesives work, too. Testing the products is one of the best ways to know for certain if you are going to like a product or not.

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