Tuesday, September 2, 2008

im obsessed with paper!!!!!!!!

Do you have a love affair with paper?
There are a wide variety of scrapbook papers available, too. Look at this list:
Embossed paper
Mulberry paper
Metallic paper
Handmade paper
Double sided paper
Mirror paper
Scalloped paper
There are more papers on the market, but this is a fair representation of what you can expect to find when you go to your local scrapbook store or a craft and hobby store.
Coordinated Lines of Paper are awesome
Many of the paper manufactures produce "lines" of paper, meaning there are a number of coordinating papers based around a central theme. Sometimes that theme is a series of colors and other times it is around a specific topic, such as baseball, camping, travel or babies.
There are many companies designing paper, too. Some of the most popular are:
Basic Grey
Daisy D's
Three Bugs in a Rug
Anna Griffin
Polar Express
American Crafts
Bo Bunny Press
Crossed Paths
Flair Designs
Kelly Panacci
Karen Foster
Wild Asparagus
Me & My Big Ideas
Galloping Horse
Paper Wizard
Debbie Mumm
Paper House
Sugar Tree
Of course there are many more paper manufacturers. If your favorite isn't listed here and you would like to see it in the list above, use the "Contact Us" page to let us know. There are many variations in what companies are most popular based on your location and what your local scrapbook stores carry. You may have never heard of Three Bugs in a Rug before and someone else might not have ever seen a paper line from Sugar Tree.
Also, what is hot at one store might just depend on the effective use of layouts in that store using a particular company's paper designs. There are a lot of factors that determine which paper companies are well known in some parts of the country.
While selecting the right scrapbook paper for your projects is a lot of fun, it can also be frustrating. Have you ever tried to find a piece of paper for a specific topic and you can't find anything anywhere that suits your needs? Scrapbook stores across the country try to have a wide variety of the kinds of paper that are most likely to be requested, but there are times when the theme of a particular layout is beyond the scope of most stores.
Here are a few examples of hard to find papers (difficult themes):
children and grasshoppers
painting ceramic pieces
learning to ride a bike
playing the marimba
jumping on the bed
getting fitted for a dress
wearing a cast
worshipping in church
collecting things (pens, stamps, etc)
Again, finding the perfect scrapbook paper can be a lot of fun, but it can also be frustrating. For most people who scrapbook, searching for just the right paper (and embellishments) is a part of the joy of creating a scrapbook.

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