Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun creating new ideas! Make your own! This is an easy simple make!

1. have a 6X6 long photo, 1 4X6 photo, and 1 5X6 photo
2.Make a fun description or blurb and have a title!
3.(second picture) 4X6 range long picture(s) and a easy fun descrription or blurb to go with them!
You can change ideas around and still keep it fun and simple and the way you love the page!
All you got to do Is keep an open mind! And a fun imagination

All you need is:
Scissors, glue (sb'ing glue), outliners for those long 4X6 photo's, You can add anything to your tools. Just make sure you have those 3 tools! And your set to make!

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