Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This picture shows passion , love and care. This is actually a card made by someone who scrapbooked a card. For all those who likes cards, you can also scrapbook them too!

This is a picture made by someone that worked in an antique shop, who loved antiques , that person wanted antiques to be brought to people so that person made a scrapbook all about antiques.(There's a picture) --> (unknown)
This is a unique exquizite, someone who creatively but heart into this picture. This is a family portrait page, this person made it to look crative and familish!--->(unknown)
This is a mardi-gras page made by a person. Who thought would be cool to take picutres of the new mullenium (2003) at the time!

All these famous people made these pages and bought these pages at local web sites and towns and shops!

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